Ethan Holleman


Thanks for your interest in commissioning a 3D printed object. Here you will find information stuff related to printing, currently available filaments and some answers to frequently asked questions. If you are local to the Davis / Sacramento area and are interested in high quality 3D printing feel free to reach out to me via email at or through Discord @ Hollebread#4185.


Since each printed object is unique I cannot provide an estimated cost to print your object without first looking at your model’s files. Once you have your files in hand (these can be .stl, .3mf, .obj or .step files) please email your files to, or along with your choice of color for each part and any specific requests. I’ll get back to you with an estimate most likely within 24 hours.

General print settings

TLDR: 3D printed parts will never be as strong as injection molded plastic, if your part required extreme durability let me know so I can adjust print settings to increase strength at the cost of using more filament.

For functional parts my default settings are 25% gyroid pattern infill with 5 walls. I find that this produces parts strong enough to endure use as furniture repair, Nerf blasters etc. If your part is more cosmetic or intended to prototype a final design I am also happy to adjust these settings to reduce material use and therefore the price of your print. If you would like an even more detailed picture of the setting that will be used to print your part I am happy to export my slicer profiles and send them to you upon request.

Available filaments

Below are filaments I currently have on hand. I do most of my printed with FusionFilaments HTPLA which is a high strength, high temperature resistance version of traditional PLA. If there is a color you are interested in printing in that I do not currently have on hand just let me know and I can have it shipped but will likely ask you pay a marginally increased printing cost.

Previous work

Below are some examples of things I have built for others and myself (mostly Nerf blasters).

Orien blaster's Lynx parts, An awesome spring powered Nerf blaster with notoriously difficult to acquire hardware. Printing these parts was maybe wishful thinking.

Lepus by JackRabbitNerf. A super compact electric Nerf blaster capable of firing around 20 darts per second.

Left: The Gryphon by Flygonial, an electric, semi-auto, flywheel powered blaster that I made specifcally for use at the Davis Nerf Club since they require use of full length darts. Right: SLAB by SillyButts. This is a super fun to use, lever action, spring powered half-length dart blaster.

Foregrip for the Nerf Pathfinder which in my opinion improves both the aesthetics of the blaster and makes priming smoother.

A rail mounted megaXL dart holder that I designed from the ground up and printed. It allows you to easily carry and keep accessible 6 megaXL darts which can be launched like a rifle grenade using a specific attachment at the end of your barrel.

SBL by Gavin Fuzzy designs.

Another full length Gryphon blaster printed for a member of the Davis Nerf Club. I wired in a PWM that allows you to actually adjust the motor speed with a dial so the blaster can launch darts anywhere between 90 and 130 FPS.

Buffer tube adapter a member of the Davis Nerf club designed and I printed for them.


By commissioning a 3D printed object from me you agree to waive all liability associated with the use of that object.