Ethan Holleman

3D objects

This page contains links to various 3D models I have created. Most of these are hosted on different sites for visibility / accessbility reasons but this page serves as central link hub for most of my models.

Functional objects

Medicine cabinet shelf bracket

Link: hosted on

This is a tiny push in bracket thing to hold up shelves in some medicine cabinets (including mine). Even though the model is extremely simple it is one of my favorite designs because the story behind it ended up really representing the power / coolness of 3D printing.

Basically, cat got into medicine cabinet knocked a bunch of things around causing a shelf to fall out and one of the brackets holding it up to be lost in the process. I quickly pulled out the calibers, took some measurements of other brackets, fired up Fusion360, cranked out a model and had it printed all within 25 minutes. The best part was they fit the first time!

Filament holder dowel bracket

Link: hosted on GitHub

This was one of the first objects I modeled. It uses a wooden dowel to hold spools of filament. Keeps them out of the way in small workspaces and easily accessible at the same time. Still using it to this day.

TRUSS: A device for cleaning Dyson style bagless vacuum cleaners

Link: hosted on

The GF hates cleaning out the inside of the bagless vacuum cleaner, specially touching all the dust, grime and cat hair that accumulates in large clumps that need to be pulled out. So I designed and printed this hook device which she can use to clean out the vacuum without needing to make contact with any dirt / hair.

I also think it looks pretty cool.

Gryphon Side Battery Tray (WIIIIIDE)

Link: hosted on

Enlarged the existing side battery tray for the Gyrphon flywheel powered foam dart blaster to fit large Lipo batteries.

SABRE: Trigger guard for lepus-like blasters

Link: hosted on

Trigger guard for lepus-like foam blasters. No modifications to original blaster files required; it just clamps on! Only requires 1 M3 bolt to tighten the clamping mechanism and prevents you from accidentally actuating the exposed micro-switches.

Seara Robusta: Improved pump skewer sear

Link: hosted on

This is an improved sear for SillyButt’s pump action skewer blaster. In my hands it helps prevent catch issues.

MEGA VERTEBRE: Rail mounted MegaXL dart holder

Link: hosted on

This is a pic rail Nerf MegaXL dart holder. I personally use this with SillyButts SCAR barrel to quickly fire off MegaXL. Model should not require supports for printing. Three holders (for a total of 6 darts) can fit on one rail. The holders can be attached with adhesive and / or small screws to the rail broadside.

Nexus Pro FPS reducing tuning cap

Link: hosted on

Open source FPS reducing tuning cap for the nexus pro blaster.