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Tonkotsu Recipe

This recipe (aside from the electronics) is derived from Joshua Weissman’s video, How to Make Real Tonkotsu Ramen. Ingredients Below are all materials you will need to prepare the soup. Broth / soup Ingredient Quantity Units Pig trotters 3 lbs Green onion 1 bunch Yellow onion 1 Shallot 2 Knob ginger 2 inches Ramen noodles 1 package Chashu (Braised pork belly) Ingredient Quantity Units Pork belly 2 lbs Soy sauce 1/2 cup Mirin 3/4 cup Sake 1 cup Ginger knob 2 inches Green onion 1 bunch Glove garlic 5 cloves Tare Ingredient Quantity Units Bonito flakes 1/2 cup Kombu 3 pieces Soy sauce 3/4 cup Dried shiitake mushrooms 1/4 cup Chashu braising liquid 1/4 cup Electronics (Optional) Ingredient Quantity Raspberry Pi 1 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module Kit 1 Protocol Prepare electronics So I was planning on monitoring the soup using the DS18B20 temperature sensor but it did not arrive in time so unfortunately I don’t have data from that.