Ethan Holleman

About me

I am a Ph.D student in the Integrative Genetic and Genomics (IGG) graduate group of the University of California, Davis and member of the Chedin laboratory where I research the principles of R-loop biogensis.

Before starting with IGG, I did work in Soybean genomics, X-ray crystallography, and high-throughput macromolecule crystallization, the last of which I am still somewhat involved in.

Outside of research I enjoy learning about and building gadgets with micro-controllers and Raspberry Pi computers, fishing at Lake Beryessa and Putah Creek, biking around Davis, and playing poker.

About this site

At this site you can find information about my current and past professional and personal projects. I will do my best to keep things as up to date as possible but there may be some lag time between this reality and the one you are experiencing.

Below is a summary of what you can find at each main section of the site.


Short blog-like entries on various topics I am interested in ranging from visualizing esoterically encoded Vietnam War data to my friends and I’s running poker night results.


Long-from non-technical descriptions of past and present research mixed in with similar accounts of more personal projects. Read these to get an idea of what I have been working on in both academic and personal capacities. Currently the most work in progress part of the site. Has kind of been neglected compared to the posts section. One up with more coming hopefully soon.

What is the site banner image?

Glad you asked! It is explained in this post.