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Posts with the tag poker: A 1 day intro to Javascript and CSS

I spent most of the day today learning about Javascript and CSS by building a (very ameutur) website that you can use to test your Poker pot odds calculation skills. Determining pot odds is useful as when compared to the probability of winning a hand the call’s expected value can be approximated. You can visit the website at view the the code at the GitHub page or use the website embedded directly below. This is the first Javascript project I have built from scratch and hosted somewhere and was a great way to start learning more about the very basics of web development and the Javascript language.

Poker Nights Running Results

Y axis of all plots are unit-less. Running stack sizes Shows each players cumulative stack over all nights played. Winnings by date Plot of each players winnings (stack at the end of the round - buy in) over time. All games have been played virtually, for info on how we host these see this post.

Casual virtual Poker with Zoom and

Update I recently found a number of .io type websites devoted specifically to poker (not sure why didn’t think to search poker .io earlier) which get around the main issues of playing using I would highly, highly recommend using It handles betting with shortcuts for bets based on pot or blind sizes, handles turns automatically and does not require a sign up. For Poker, lipoker is supporior in every way to due to being designed for this specific game. If for some reason you would still like to use continue reading, otherwise stop and use