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Trip to Death Valley National Park

Quick stop at Truckee lake on the way out of California. Two abandoned structures just outside of Hawthorn, Nevada. The somewhat ill-conceived Clown Motel. Although as someone who as worked with professional clowns I am not one to malign the occupation; clowns are an extremely hard working bunch. Most roads past Reno heading towards Death Valley look something like this. Invasive Burros (donkeys) running through the scrub. Burros were unintentionally introduced to Nevada after escaping from early mining towns. Lady Desert The Venus, part of the Goldwell Open Air Museum by Dr.Hugo Heyrman in Rhyolite, Nevada; an abandoned mining town. Constructed before the popularization of Minecraft.

Day trip to Yosemite

Day trip to Yosemite National Park. Hike up to mirror lake Campground near Curry Village Good advice. Ethan with log on the trail. Erica with boulder. Moss 1. Moss 2. Moss 3 (lots of interesting mosses). At mirror lake Mirror Lake visitor info placard. Mirror lake facing Northwest towards Mt. Watkins. Half Dome. Ethan and Erica in front of Half Dome. Interesting log, ground in the log’s shadow remained frozen. Panoramic view facing Northeast with (from left to right) Mt. Watkins, Ahwiyah Point and Half Dome in view.