Quick stop at Truckee lake on the way out of California.

Two abandoned structures just outside of Hawthorn, Nevada.

The somewhat ill-conceived Clown Motel. Although as someone who as worked with professional clowns I am not one to malign the occupation; clowns are an extremely hard working bunch.

Most roads past Reno heading towards Death Valley look something like this.

Invasive Burros (donkeys) running through the scrub. Burros were unintentionally introduced to Nevada after escaping from early mining towns.

Lady Desert The Venus, part of the Goldwell Open Air Museum by Dr.Hugo Heyrman in Rhyolite, Nevada; an abandoned mining town. Constructed before the popularization of Minecraft.

The Last Supper (1984) by Charles Albert Szukalski also at Goldwell.

Just outside Artist’s Palette overlooking the valley.

Artist’s Palette.

Erica in the Artist’s palette canyons.

View from Zabriskie Point.

Salt Creek, home of one of ~ 10 species of California Pupfish, a really classic and interesting example of allopatric speciation. The 10 species diverged from a single ancestor when the drying of ancient lake Manley separated the populations into isolated pockets.

Pupfish closeup.

Erica walking across the Mesquite flats sand dunes.

Picnic in the Mesquite dunes around dusk.

Sunset at Mesquite dunes.