Over the past two months or so I have worked on-and-off on what was a really interesting a fun build; a mostly 3D printed 3D printer called the Rook by Rolohaun. This is an open source DIY printer with the goal of accessibility and low cost.

This was my first DIY printer build and I would highly recommend the Rook to anyone who has been thinking about or is interested in DIY printers but is unsure they want to make a one to two thousand dollar investment in a DIY machine like the Voron without first gaining some lower stakes experience. I also see the Rook as a really great educational / demonstration piece due to its portability (I was able to carry-on the fully assembled printer for my flight home from Chicago without issue) and low power requirements.

Completed and functional Rooks can apply for an official serial number issued by the designer Rolohaun. Below is my serial request video demonstrating that my Rook was functional.

If you would like to read more about my build process with this machine including part sourcing, assembly and details on some custom parts I designed for my machine you can read through my project writeup on my GitHub at this link