This is a project I put together for the parents before I headed home for the weekend using the Glowforge laser cutter at the maker space at the UC Davis craft center.

The project consisted of generating street maps of a few personally notable places using SnazzyMaps. I converted these maps to bitmaps using Inkscape which I also used for the rest of the coaster design. Coasters were cut out of medium thickness clear acrylic sheets.

To make the box, I used MakerCase to generate the SVG plans based on the size of the coasters. I cut the box sections from medium thickness draft board and assembled with tacky glue.

Overall I was really happy with the resolution of engraving that the Glowforge was capable of producing. One thing I noted was that the reproducibility of movement between runs was poor. This means if you have a run with a cut that does not make it all the way through your material and you run the cut again there is a decent chance the second cut will not line up exactly with the first. To avoid this I would generally do two passes on all cuts, even if I was pretty sure it was not needed just to ensure I would always get a clean through-and-through cut with one run.